Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paybacks are in your future my dear!!

At what age do your kids STOP embarrassing you?

When do they stop saying (or yelling in the case of my 5 year old) inappropriate things in public? Things like "oh, I almost forgot to wipe" or "mommy I just got toilet paper stuck in my bottom." Both of which happened at Hobby Lobby this morning. It is even worse when they say things to complete strangers who don't know that my child is normally very sweet. After she informed me and the stranger in Hobby Lobby's bathroom that the toilet paper got stuck in her bottom she asked the lady why she uses a cane. She replied back very sweet with "it helps me walk." Then she asked why she had that thing stuck on her face. The lady replied with "this is where I was kissed by God."

Good thing I was still in the stall and I didn't have to face that nice lady. I think in about 8 years when she is 13 and hates her parents I will get her back for these and and the many more times she has embarrassed me. I think this day was pretty tame in comparison. I will have many years to think of something good to really mortify my children. The sad thing is that I will probably do it a lot when I am not even trying.

Monday, April 6, 2009

I have forgotten how to Blog

It has been so long I don't know how to start. I will just try to play catch up! The kiddos and I spent part of Spring Break down in Arlington visiting my family.

Here is Caden and Cali exploring with their Papa. He is so good with them!

My adorable niece Dakota.

Me and the girls with my mom and my grandma.

Caleb and Cali with my sister Angie and Dakota.
Cali and Dakota are only about 8 months apart but since Cali is SO TINY for her age and Dakota is SO HUGE for her age, there seems to be a bigger age difference. (she will be 2 in a few weeks)

We always have a great relaxing time in TX with my family. I love being around my sister. She is almost as funny as she thinks she is.

Here is Cali after she really enjoyed her PB&J sandwich the other day.

She is becoming quite the toot lately. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to climb on to the kitchen table. In fact she fell off of it this morning.

Things around here are always crazy, especially since Chris is working so much this time of year. I am counting down the days. Only 9 days left. When he is at home he has been very busy with all our remodeling projects.

The kids are really enjoying our new bathtub. (btw, Chris did all the tile work himself.) The jacuzzi tub has a heater so the kids keep calling it a hot tub and they love to play in it. So I let them put on their swimsuits and have a ball. Notice all the water dripping down the wall and down the sides of the tub.