Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Only ONE MONTH left

Until my baby turns one and I totally lose my mind. I know it sounds like a cliche but the past 11 months have just flown by. She turned 11 months yesterday and I almost missed it. I did get these lovely shots after she spilled her water down the front of her.

I have friends who only have one baby and are talking about how they can't wait for them to sit up, or crawl, or walk. Since this is my third, my last, my baby, every new milestone is a bitter sweet one for me. She took her first steps about 8 months so she is walking pretty good by now. She still seems too little to be doing it. I will probably be in tears on her actual birthday.

Enough of me getting upset. We have been enjoying the fall weather like everyone else. Having 18 trees in our backyard makes for lots of leaves for the kids to play in. I love these pictures.

One of Caleb's chores is taking out the trash. One day he was taking longer than usual. I didn't know this was part of taking out the trash.

Here is Cali looking happy in her highchair. This is the BEFORE picture.

These are AFTER her Aunt Kara thought it would be funny to give her a "small taste" of Sour Patch Kids.

It was actually pretty funny. I don't make a habit of giving her stuff to eat just to see her reaction. However I do play a little game when I give her stuff like corn, green beans, kidney beans, etc. I like to see how long it takes for them to appear in her diaper and if they are still in the same form I gave it to her. I know I am a little weird.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

No Cheerios for me!

I will just have this broken marker tip instead.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Really Late and LONG Halloween Post

I am just getting around to posting about Halloween because of all the chaos going on around here, which I will get to in a minute.

Just like everyone else, Halloween is a week long (or longer) event. We did the Fall Festival at church.

However this year I decided that after the Chris took the kids trunk or treating that I was ready to go home and I didn't want to stay for the cheesy carnival games inside the gym. I convinced Caleb to leave by saying that those were only for little kids and I convinced Caden by letting her know they were only serving hot dogs. So we were able to get out of there pretty easily. I told them I wanted REAL FOOD, so we went to Taco Bell!

We (the kids and I, along with Kara) also did the trick or treating at the OC dorms. That is always fun for me to see some people I only get to see once a year. Here are a few pics of the kids with some of their friends.

The kids each had fall parties at school so I had to divide my time between both of their classes. For some reason Caden wanted to put her costume OVER her clothes. My weird little girl!

Caden's party was nice and organized with centers and a lot of parents there to help. Caleb's on the other hand was pure chaos. It doesn't take much to get his class rowdy. There are 26 kids in his class and 19 are boys!!! CRAZY!! However the teacher is strict when she needs to be so he has a good class.

For Halloween night we went over to some friends house and had dinner and then went Trick or Treating. There were mostly boys and of course they all kept running from house to house that the other parents could barely keep up. Poor Caden was one of only 2 girls and was one of the youngest and she couldn't keep up with all those crazy boys.

Cali was worn out by the time we got done trick or treating.

But she perked up soon after to take some pictures. Here she is with her Aunt Kara and Caleb. Caden was too busy playing to take a picture.

A few days ago Cali thought she would help Caleb sort out the candy. Surprisingly she didn't try to eat much, I think she just likes the sounds the wrappers make in her hands.

Now onto the craziness around here. We are having MAJOR PLUMBING ISSUES!!!! I hate when things don't work as they should. We aren't exactly for sure what is wrong. It is something the plumber (that we normally use), can't fix. We are waiting to get someone to run a camera down the line (in the backyard) and find out where the problem is and then dig up the line and fix it. We think our line might have come detached from the cities, but we wont know for sure.

It started on Saturday when the office bathroom and closet flooded as well as the toilet in our master bathroom. We had the plumber out on Monday morning and he said it was clear for the moment but that we still have issues. So I thought it would be alright to do a few loads of laundry, WRONG!!!! The 2nd load is what flooded the office bathroom again.

We are able to flush a toilet occasionally, so we picked the kids bathroom. So at least we can use the bathroom occasionally, but we are having to take showers and do laundry etc at the neighbors. It has been a PAIN, and it is SO frustrating, but I am trying not to get upset even though I know it will cost a lot of money to fix. It is driving me CRAZY - not to mention the smell.