Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Happy late Mother's Day to everyone!

We had a very nice relaxing day yesterday after we rushed around all morning so we can take Mother's Day pictures before church. However they turned out like CRAP, so it is a good thing I brought my camera to lunch. Those pictures turned out a little better.

Apparently after rushing around all morning I didn't have myself as put together as I would have liked. We were just about 30 seconds from pulling into the church parking lot and Chris said "I think your shirt is on inside out." Yep it sure was! What a dork! So I yanked it off and switched it around right before we pulled into the parking lot.

Here are a few of my goodies that the kids made.

If you couldn't read the card very well, it says :

M - Magnificent
O - OU
M - Morning hair
M - Monopoly
Y - You are AWESOME!!

Caleb is so funny! I do love to play games, but not a huge fan of Monopoly, my hair is crazy sometimes, but dude, have you seen yours????

After I read the Mother's day card that the kids gave me I said "Chris where is my card from you?" He said "You are not my mom."