Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dogs in Public and the Stranger in Leather

Ok, I know that sounds like a really bizarre title. However, this morning at Ross that is what I encountered. I am walking through Ross minding my own business when this lady calls out to me and asks "How does this look?' She was trying on a VERY UGLY leather jacket. I didn't want to just flat out lie to her, so I was thinking of what to say. Then she said "well does it go with my hair." I immediately said "yes, it does match your hair." Good, I didn't have to lie. Seriously the ugly brownish orange tint in this hideous black jacket did match her nasty over processed orangish, brownish, grayish hair.

Now about the dog. Since when are dogs allowed in stores? When I was leaving, this lady just walks in the store carrying this dog and no one says anything to her. I was thinking hey lady, this is not Petsmart and you are not blind.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baseball and the Slacker Mom!

Caleb is in his 2nd or 3rd year of baseball and tonight is the first time I remembered to bring my camera. Yes, that would qualify me as a slacker! When my friends Heather and Christi both blogged about their kids playing it reminded me of what a slacker I have been. This season I can blame it on the pregnancy, previous seasons I have NO EXCUSE!!

Anyway so back to what I was saying. I FINALLY remembered to bring my camera and then I don't even get good shots. The camera kept getting foggy and some pics came out blurry. I have a pretty good camera. It has to be user error!!

Here is one of Caleb at bat.

Here is one where he is just about to hit the ball - yes I know it is foggy (SORRY) I think that white blur is the ball.

Here he is on 2nd base. This is the first season they are allowed to steal bases. So that has been fun to watch. Yep - I know this one is blurry too! On the very far left of the picture you can see Chris. He is standing at the machine getting ready to load the next ball for one of Caleb's teammates. (If you have been keeping up at all, you would know that this is only the 2nd or 3rd time that a photo of Chris's has made it into the blog.) No, that doesn't make me a slacker wife, just most of the activities are about the kids and he is usually working. (Photos of me probably wouldn't make it in here either if I wasn't pregnant and showing my huge massive growth.)

Here is one of him in the dugout. Since it is a close up picture it is the only one not blurry or foggy. He is so cute - if I do say so myself. I love his big blue eyes!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random Post about Games

Ok - this post has NOTHING to do with the kids! It is ALL ABOUT Chris and me and how competitive we are. Many years ago we got this handheld game Tetris. I know it is an old easy game - but we like it so don't make fun of us!

For a while we would go back and forth on who had the highest score. My highest was around 67,000. I would even hide it sometimes so he couldn't beat my high score. He has had the highest for a while now. Just recently - last Saturday as a matter of fact - when he was on the couch half the day watching/listening to football, he broke his high score and now has an insane number like over 125,000. I get too greedy and impatient and end up loosing. I hardly play it anymore. If I know I can't win, what's the point.

Well just a few days ago when we were playing games with the kids Caleb got this game - BOP IT EXTREME out of the game cabinet when he was trying to get to another game.
I LOVE BOP IT! We haven't played it in a while so we were a little rusty. Caleb and I started playing it while Chris was giving Caden her bath. (My belly is getting too big and it makes it very uncomfortable to lean over and give her baths. I gave that job up a few weeks ago.) So Caleb and I were playing it and his high was only about 8 or so and I only had 12. After Caden's bath Chris beat my high, then I beat his and then back and forth. I had a fairly good score and when I was putting Caden to bed Chris beat it pretty bad. It then took me a while but I beat his again. Then as I was working in the office he beat mine again. Seriously, this is really annoying. He already has me beat on Tetris, can't I have something. I haven't tried to beat his score again, but I will.
Some people might think these are mindless activities, but they are really addicting and very fun - at least Bop It is. Hey - and they are educational too! With Tetris you work on hand eye coordination and with Bop It you work on listening skills and speed.
This post may make me sound like a dork - but I don't care. I love games!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Caden's first Soccer game

Caden had her first soccer game on Saturday. It was so cute!!! Here are a few action shots of little miss! The first two pictures are from them practicing before the game! Awe - doesn't she look so cute!!

The next few pictures are a little misleading. They actually make it look like she was a "real part" of the game. I mean, of course she was actually on the team, but I mean not quite a real contributor as these pictures make it seem. Here are a few where she was really close to the ball. The first one is right after she kicked it to start the new quarter and I guess the other one she just got lucky.

Here is a picture of her throwing it in.

Here is a picture of her and 3 other girls on the team.

In total there are 6 girls and 4 boys. Two of the boys are pretty good and seem to know what they are doing. One little boy (who is a little shy) didn't get to kick the ball when he was first out there and cried the rest of the game and would never go back in. Poor thing, hopefully he will be more happy next game. Also a few of the girls have some sort of clue. Caden is not one of those girls. She is definitely one of the more timid ones on the team. I know it is shocking - how can my child be timid? Odd but true! Sometimes she would run around (usually on the outskirts or behind the action) but mostly she would just stand around until I yelled for her to run. PLEASE NOTE: I yelled to her - not at her. However she did have a lot of fun and that is the most important part!

Not that it matters at this age, since no score is kept, but we did win. Caleb kept score anyway. After our team scored about the 6th goal he said, "man we are smokin' the other team." I don't have a clue where he gets his competitiveness. - HA!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Look what I can STILL do!

Today as I was exercising. I mean as I was laying on the floor "thinking" about exercising, I decided to stretch and see how limber I still am. I even surprised myself. Look what I can still do!

I was always very limber as a child. I have pictures of me with both feet behind my head. Maybe I will try that tomorrow. I am not freakishly flexible, just probably more flexible than the average person in the world. I think this is pretty cool for someone who is 32, much less someone who is prego with 3rd child AND 32!

Here is one of me about 20 years ago.

Here is me today.

Here is me in 50 years.


Last night Caden and I went with our neighbors to see DISNEY ON ICE Princess Wishes. Of course Caden's favorite part was Ariel. Since I hear the music all the time I couldn't help but sing along. Caden said "mommy stop singing, I can't hear." After Ariel left Mulan came on the ice and she said "I don't want to listen to this, I want Ariel and Eric to come back." She also enjoyed seeing Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Jasmine and of course Cinderella too! I think she just wasn't too crazy about Mulan.

We only had about 20 min to walk through the state fair before the show started. But that was plenty of time to get a HUGE and very YUMMY CORN DOG!!!

I didn't get any clear pictures of the show, but here is one of Caden and Autumn before the show started. Caden looks very excited!!!! She already told me this morning that she wants to go back.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pregnancy 25 weeks

I am just a little over 25 weeks now. I had a doctors appointment this past Friday. Everything looks normal. I am measuring a little bigger - almost 27 weeks. That makes me feel good since I FEEL HUGE. She wants to start seeing me at 3 week intervals now. She told me to pick 2 times a day when she is active and make sure I feel her move at least 10 times in an hour. If I ever don't feel her move that many times then she wants me to call her. I doubt that is going to be a problem. Sometimes I can feel her move 10 times in just a few minutes. She is very active in there. She still does NOT have a name. Hopefully we can come up with one before I deliver.

Caleb comments a lot about how big I am getting. He is starting to get excited. He has always loved babies. He loves making them laugh. This morning he was telling me about all the ways he is going to help me and all the different ways he is going to use to make her laugh. He is going to be a great big brother (again!) Hopefully Caden will also join in his excitement. I am still worried that she will be very jealous. She is such a momma's girl.
Last time I gave a pregnancy update I complained of heartburn and sciatic nerve pain. Well I have not had those issues in a few weeks, so that is good. However I have felt some pain under my belly. Chris thinks it is because I am not supporting it enough. I HATE having anything restricting it so I always wear the underbelly shorts/pants, but I also often fold those down too. I guess I need to leave them where they are suppose to be so I can have a little support. I mentioned this to my doctor on Friday. She said that I need to listen to my body and whenever I start to feel those pains for me to sit down, put my feel up and RELAX. I try that occasionally, but there is always something i need to be doing.

For the past several days I have been suffering from some sort of cold, sinus infection, allergies, or maybe even a slight case of bronchitis. I got it all, head congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, headaches etc. Everytime I sneeze or cough it makes my head hurt worse, my stomach cramps up and I also feel as if I am going to pee on myself. I have been taking medicine that I am allowed to take, but it is just not cutting it. Last night I got the worse sleep in MONTHS. I was constantly coughing. One time I coughed so hard it made me vomit. It was NOT fun!!! Hopefully I can get over this quickly.

Yesterday I laid around as much as I could. Of course I stayed on the couch during the entire OU game when we beat Miami 51 to 13. That was fun!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

PRINCESS Shin Guards????

Do they make such a thing??? I don't have a clue, but that is what my little miss wanted to wear last night to soccer practice. Caden only has a few t-shirts. Most of her summer clothes are little outfits/sets (not t-shirts) So this princess shirt was one of only a few to choose from. So once she decided to wear it to practice last night she wanted to wear princess shin guards too. I told her we didn't have any.

Watching 3 and 4 year olds practice was quite entertaining. The coach and helpers were doing their best to keep some kind of order. It will be interesting to see them in their first game. I had to miss Caleb's first baseball game of the new season to take her to practice. It was the first time I had to miss one of his activities to go to an activity for Caden but sadly, I am sure it wont be the last. :-(

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oklahoma 79 North Texas 10

We had an AWESOME time at the game!!! We had good seats and it was so fun watching them score in the first 30 seconds of the game. (Actually it was 32 seconds!) They scored another one only 3 minutes later. They went on to score a total of 11 touchdowns and we also got a safety. You would think that since it was very much one sided that it wouldn't be very exciting, but it still was.
Redshirt freshman Sam Bradford completed 21 of his 23 passes for 363 yards and three touchdowns. From what I remember, he only played the first half and maybe a few min of the second half. Then they put in the other backup quarterbacks. Those are really good stats for any quarterback, much less a redshirt freshman. What a great start to the new season!!!
The people sitting around us were really nice and very understanding when I needed to put my feet on their seat. About half time it started to clear out around us since people knew we weren't going to lose. By the 4th quarter we basically had TONS of room. We were able to move down a few rows and totally spread out. Which the baby (no - she still doesn't have a name) really enjoyed not being cramped anymore. I really tried to limit the water I was drinking so I wouldn't have to get up so many times and miss the game. I was SO PROUD of myself. I went right before we got to our seats and made it all the way back home again. That is almost 5 hours! I don't think I have gone that long in MONTHS!!
My in-laws were in town this weekend so they stayed with the kids. We had a nice relaxing weekend and played TONS of games! If you know me at all then you know how much fun I had. I LOVE to play games. I am a little too competitive though. We played Apples to Apples, Phase 10 and Screw the Dealer! If you have never played those before I would love to beat you - I mean TEACH you!