Monday, April 28, 2008

The Bowling Princesses

This weekend my in laws came to visit. My sister in law Kara and her boyfriend Joe were also in town too. We had a nice weekend of playing games, just hanging out and we also went bowling. On Saturday afternoon we decided to go down to Bricktown to try the RED PIN bowling alley. It was a fun atmosphere being right on the canal. Of course that is the most expensive bowling I have ever done in my life. It was $45 freakin dollars to rent a lane for an hour. That was just the before 5pm price. After 5pm it jumps to $55 an hour. Everyone knows how much I LOVE to bowl, however still too pricey. I had a great time anyway probably because I beat everyone except for Chris.

There were some really cool features though. First of all our shoes were included in the price. (not a huge difference but still). You get seated directly to your lane with comfortable couch seating and not those hard plastic chairs. Our server guy (yes, they serve real food too that you are actually allowed to eat at your lane) took our names and shoe sizes just like he was taking our order. He put our names in for us and brought us our shoes on a serving platter like he was serving us drinks. When it was the kids turn to bowl the bumpers automatically came up. Caleb found a way to roll the ball directly at the bumpers and have the ball zig zag back and forth and hit the pins in the perfect spot and he got a few strikes. Another cool feature is that it tells you how fast your ball went down the lane. Mine wasn't very fast, usually only 10-11 mph. (I tend to go for accuracy over power.) However some of the guys got it close to 20 mph. Poor Caden's ball only went about 2 mph and occasionally it would time out before her ball made it down there and it wouldn't count her score. So several times we had to get the guy to adjust her score.

While we were there a group of about 16 teenagers came in dressed in prom dresses and tuxedos. PROM BOWLING, why didn't I think of that when I was in high school. That would have been so cool. Caden was in awe!!! She spotted a girl in a long yellow/gold colored dress and she said "is that a princess?" She thought she looked just like Belle. It was SO CUTE!! They were in the lanes next to us so she went over there and asked her if she was a princess. She was mesmerized by them. She kept going back over to them to talk to them or just to stare at them. She is not accustomed to seeing regular people in fancy dresses. They thought she was cute so they were talking to her too. I didn't get a picture of her with the Belle look alike, but here is another girl that she kept talking to.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I don't need a bed . . .

when I can sleep right here!!

Cali loves playing in this. I had her in there this morning while I was in the kitchen. She only fussed for about 20 seconds and then she was out. She only slept like this for about 15 minutes, but I thought it was so cute!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cali is 4 months - AGAIN

I know I just posted 4 month pictures, but here is the one we got from Portrait Innovations last Friday.

They don't really like me there, since they don't make any money off me. I don't give in an buy over $100 worth of pictures. I "usually" only get the advertised special for $9.95. I had Chris there with me to help me be firm and say "no, we are only going to buy one pose." Out of the 97 pictures they took I LOVED about 8 of them. On the rest the lady thought they were cute and I kept saying no, no, next, next. She said "why, what is wrong with these?" I said (in a very polite tone - honest!) "they are cute, but I can get better smiles from her at home so I am not going to buy these. " She then got up to go help someone for a minute and while she was gone Chris and I decided on this one and when she came back I said firmly, but again in a very polite tone, "we just decided to get this one pose." She wasn't too happy. Oh well, I was happy enough for the both of us, because I got these adorable pictures for only$10.00.

I just got back from Cali's 4 month check-up. She got 4 shots again. She was done crying by the time I picked her up off the table. AWE - she is so big and tough!! I know that no one besides me and my family care about her stats but I am going to give them anyway, so you can choose to read or leave (that is also meant for you to read in a polite tone)

Weight - 15 lbs 9 oz 90%

Height - 25 1/4 - 75-90%

Head - 43 cm 90-95%

On her weight I am not for sure if the nurse meant 15.95 lbs or 15 lbs 9.5 ounces because she wrote it like this 15 95. I am wanting to say 15 lbs 9 oz so she will seem smaller, because I am tired of my kids getting bigger. I want this one to stay a baby.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cali is 4 months!

I am taking Cali to get her 4 month pictures today at Portrait Innovations. I am posting the ones I took yesterday just in case I don't get any good ones. Normally I do, but on occasion I get some idiot photographer and I think I could have done better.

I couldn't decide which one I like the best so I am posting all of them. I know I am a little biased, but isn't she just adorable!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BEWARE of the Pooping Snake

We battled the fierce winds yesterday and went to the Zoo. We are guessing the wind kept many away because it wasn't crowded at all. By lunch time the wind had calmed down and it was a very nice and sunny day. A little too sunny because now I have a crappy farmer's tan -actually a slight burn on my arms.

We only got a few pics of Caden and Ethan with real animals, but we did get a lot with the fake ones. Here are a few.

I really like these of Caden and Ethan. They have so much fun together. I am sure one of these days they wont hold hands and run off together, but for now I get these adorable pictures.

Since it was windy and a little chilly in the morning I kept Cali covered in the stroller, but I think she was having a good time anyway.

She really enjoys being outside, as I am sure most babies do too.

Ethan (who is one year older) is starting to read pretty well. So he was wanting to read some of the signs about the animals. Of course Caden wanted to read too so she looks at a sign about bears and points to each word and says "DO NOT GO INTO THE BEARS HOME. DO NOT GO INTO THE BEARS WATER OR YOU WILL GET EATEN BY THE BEARS."

Later as we were looking at some snakes she read "DON'T TOUCH THE SNAKES OR THEY WILL POOP ON YOUR BOTTOM."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lovin' those Chubby Legs!!

I just love Cali's chubby legs and knees. These were taken a few days ago at Kara's house (my sister-in-law). I am so happy it is starting to get warmer so I can dress her in outfits that show off her rolls! Wouldn't it be so nice if chubby thighs were still adorable on 30 something girls. Then I would be in business!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

UM. . . Look what I just found!

I don't know how she did this. This doesn't look comfortable to me, with her back really arched (can't see how much in the photo). She doesn't seem to mind, she is totally zonked out! She has been rolling over from tummy to back since she was 2 weeks old, but she has NEVER rolled from back to stomach, especially not in a moving swing. I guess she was trying to escape - my adorable little Houdini. I guess I actually need to start strapping her in from now on.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday afternoon as I was leaving Sonic I heard this loud noise at my door and my window starts to slowly slide down into the door. CRAP! Good thing it was a pretty day yesterday. So last night Chris tries to fix it. He takes the door panel off and gets the window back up, but some brackets broke in the door so it wont stay up. So today I had the privilege of driving around in a ghetto van with no door panel and the window taped closed with masking tape. (Chris said our clear packing tape would be too sticky to get back off. ) Instead of keeping it in garage I have decided to park it in the front yard next to the washing machine and stove.