Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween pictures for this week's activities will come soon, but I wanted to show the kids sporting the Eyeball cookies I made last night. I had to triple the recipe because both kids have school parties today and we have a get together tonight. These were a little more time consuming than I originally thought, but I thought these would be a fun thing for the kids.


Monday, October 27, 2008

MY husband is OLD!!

Well not really, but for the next 3 months he is older than me.

Chris turned 34 last week and we had a nice family dinner at Carrabbas (minus the overcooked Chicken Parmesan I was given - BLAH). I always feel like a idiot whipping out the camera in a restaurant, but because I have not been taking many pictures lately we did it anyway. Here are a few.
Chris and Caleb

Kara (Chris's sister), Caden and Me. I have been cursed with small eyes, among other things. I often try to make my eyes look wider in photos without looking like a freak in the process. I don't think I succeeded . However Caden and Kara look cute so the picture stays.

Me and the kiddos

The whole family. Believe it or not, this was the best family one we got. Poor Caden.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Awesome Wedding Weekend with no Bride

Cali and I, along with my mom, my sister Angie and her daughter Dakota, flew up to Fargo North Dakota last weekend for my cousin Marnie's wedding. My mom took lots of pictures. Do we have any of us with the bride? NO!! Do we have any of the bride at all? NO - a big whopping NO!!!!! What were we thinking? We just took tons of pics of Cali and Dakota. We could have done that in Texas.

Oh well we had a nice weekend anyway. Like I said we have pics, but they are on my mom's camera. Every time I get together with my (Texas) family there is lots of laughter. My sister and I laugh so much. You know the kind where you laugh so much you cry and your mouth gets really sore. Gotta love it!

There were many funny things from this trip, but here are a few highlights.

Me embarrassing Angie on the plane last Friday (day before the BIG game) because I was talking trash to some strange guy wearing a Texas Longhorns hat.

Angie and Dakota dumping an entire and very loud tin container of veggie puffs on the floor of the church during the very quite unity sand part of the wedding ceremony.

Me forcing Angie and Dakota (about 18 months) out on the dance floor to do the YMCA. Me forcing my mom to go out on the dancefloor to do the Chicken dance with me.

Angie and I trying to walk around the airports carrying our purse and diaper bag, a HUGE car seat, while pulling our suitcases with one hand and pushing an umbrella stroller with the other. Good thing we only had the suitcase part of our time and not on the layover.

Angie and I were on one of those electric walkways (carrying and pushing all our crap) at the Minneapolis airport and some 90+ year old woman gave us dirty looks for walking too slow.

Well I hate posts with no pictures, so here are a few of Caden from a little b-day party at a Pumpkin Patch.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blogging Funk

If you haven't noticed I have been in a blogging funk. I have just been so busy these last few weeks I just didn't think about it. However after the 4th person last night at church told me I needed to blog I thought I would write something.

Here is a conversation I had with Caden yesterday morning.

Me: Your hair is always full of tangles I need to trim it.
Caden: (in a whine) What does trim mean?
Me: Cut it.
Caden: (more of a cry now) No, I don't want to look like a boy.
Me: No, I am just going to cut a little bit off.
Caden: (still a little cry) No, I don't want to look like you either.