Monday, July 23, 2007

IT'S A GIRL !!!!!!!!!!

Yep - that's right! I am shocked, I was so sure it was going to be a boy. She is very healthy, everything looks perfect. Today I am 18 weeks and 4 days, and most of the measurements of her were right around 19 weeks and 2 days or 4 days. The tech says those measurements are not perfect, but usually withing 5-7 days, so she is growing as she should. Her heartbeat was 150 today. She wasn't cooperating and had her legs and feet tucked under her bottom so the tech had me go to the bathroom, then go to my left side, then to my right side before she got her in a good position to see.

Caleb was VERY UPSET!!!! He wanted a brother. He said " AH - it's a girl. I already have a sister, it is suppose to be boy girl boy - like a pattern." He cried for a while. So I took him for pancakes to cheer him up. Caden has been the one wanting a sister and she didn't have much of a reaction. All during the ultrasound she just kept asking me if I was sleeping and kept asking what was that stuff that the tech put on my stomach.

The above picture is from last week. Here are a few of the ultrasound pictures. In the profile picture her hand is over her head (that is what is sticking up over her head) There are a few that make her look like an alien, so I chose not to include them.
So now we get to do some room rearranging around here. Caden's room is probably going to be too small for both girls. Caleb's room is a little bigger, so we might have to switch or we can get rid of the guest bed in the office/ebay room and move the girls in here and put the office into Caden's room - who knows. But all that will have to wait a few more weeks. We are leaving in a few days to go to Disney World.

Sad News

For those of you who hadn't heard, my grandfather lost his long battle with pancreatic cancer 1 week ago. I flew down to San Antonio on Wed night. The funeral was Thurs morning. I stayed through the weekend to be able to spend more time with my family and help out a little. While I was down there we (mainly my mom) got several things accomplished. She "interviewed" 3 different realtors to come out to the property. She wants to find someone not only with a good knowledge of the area and the type of property but one where the personalities mesh well. The property is in Fredricksburg TX, 8+ acres, custom built house is 2000+ sq ft with a huge utility room in the garage, 2 fully covered patios in the front and back (both with swings), also a nice green house and another smaller house on the property as well (if anyone is interested). Can you tell I really like this place? It is a great place and it is a little sad knowing I wont be going back there again. We organized a few cabinets and drawers while we were there. You would think after living in that house for 30+ years that there would be a lot to throw away - nope, not really. My grandmother is an excellent housekeeper and all the realtors agreed that the house is in such good shape - of course it is, it was custom built mainly by my grandfather. The plan is to get more things organised (keep, sell, or give away) and then have a HUGE estate style garage sale in about 2 weeks. Then they are moving my grandmother up to the DFW area to live with them. They are also currently looking for a bigger house so grandma can have a few rooms all to herself. My grandmother is doing very well considering. It will be nice to have her closer where I can see her more. Hopefully very soon I will do a tribute to my grandfather like I did last month for my grandma Diesen.

WOW - GIRL is winning now!!!

I have been out of town since Wednesday evening and a lot has changed on this poll. The last time I looked the boy was 60% and now the girl has taken a slight lead -52 % I have an ultrasound in a few hours - so we will see!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Boy or Girl

My ultrasound is only 10 days away. I have been going back and forth what I think it is. I was sick for 4 weeks (and puked EVERY morning from week 6-10) when I was pregnant with Caleb. When I was pregnant with Caden I only felt sick occasasionally and never puked. With this one I have only felt sick a few times and it only lasted minutes not hours. I think I carried Caleb and Caden the same way, so there is no hint there.

I am interested to see what others think I am having.

Pregnancy Update 17 Weeks

This morning I had my 17 week appointment. Everything is still going great. The baby's heart rate was 157 (just about the same as last month). Caleb took this picture when we got home from the appointment. It is a little crooked (I look as though I am leaning forward, but I don't think I am. This picture is much better than the other ones he took where you can see the ceiling or I have no head.

According to the Baby Center site "Your baby weighs about 5 ounces now, and he's around 5 inches long — about the size of a large onion. He can move his joints, and his skeleton — until now rubbery cartilage — is starting to harden to bone. His sense of hearing is also developing. The umbilical cord, his lifeline to the placenta, is growing stronger and thicker."

Here is another belly shot taken a few days ago. Lately Caden has wanted to stick her tongue out in almost every picture.

I have an ultrasound scheduled on Monday July 23rd. I am getting excited and very anxious. I am ready to know what it is so I can start planning things. I also have this fear that I might be off on the due date and it will be pushed back a few days - I DO NOT want to be in the hospital over Christmas!!!

I am going to try to put a poll up where people can vote on what they think I am having.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I HATE it when things don't work as they should. Now because things don't work as they should I am forced to vent on here while also being forced to use Chris's laptop. I hate using laptops. There are several reasons, but I think the main reason is because I LOVE MY MOUSE!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT

Back to why I am frustrated. It all started yesterday afternoon - maybe around 2:45 or so. Our electricity went out for the 2nd time in a week. This is not a result of the very bizarre flooding rain we have had for the past month. It was actually sunny outside when it went out. So as soon as it goes out I of course immediately call the phone number for the city of Edmond to report it. The number was so easy to find since I had just called it a few days ago and it was in my call log on my cell. I called back 15 or 20 min later to see if they had an approximate time it will be fixed. Of course they don't cause they haven't even diagnosed the problem yet. Do I seem anxious??? Maybe a hormonal pregnant woman is just being overly anxious? No that can't be it! Actually I had a very selfless reason to want the power to come back on. I had chicken baking in the oven so I can make my awesome poppyseed chicken to take to a friend who had recently lost her dad. So I decided to take my entire recipe over to my friend Lynda's house. (I was doing the main dish and she was doing side and dessert.) So I get all the ingredients out then realized I can't get out because I am stuck in the house with the van in the garage. Well I knew there was some way to release the garage door by pulling on some cord on the automatic opener. So I am on the phone with Chris trying to figure that out. I am too short to reach it so I am standing on the back bumper of the van. I am tyring to pull that cord in the VERY DARK garage. I am getting cranky at this point because it is SO FREAKIN' HOT in the garage. Caleb brings a flash light out which is when he realizes that the cord is wrapped around something. So I finally get the garage door open and go inside to box up all the stuff for my food and wouldn't ya know it, the electricity comes back on. ARGH I wanted to scream!!! So I was able to make my yummy dinner after all.

Now to the 2nd reason I am frustrated. I get the dinner in the oven I come into the office and I try to get the computer to come back on. As soon as I turn it on there is a loud noise and then it goes to a black screen that says - error, strike F1 Key to continue or F2 to run the setup utility. I don't know how long I tried to push those stupid keys, but nothing happened. So I leave it for Chris to deal with when he gets home. Well Chris didn't have time to look at it until after 10:30 or so, but figures out the problem instantly. We have a wireless keyboard so unless the computer is up and running it wont detect the keyboard. So we will need to borrow one from a neighbor to figure out if anything else is wrong. ARGH!!! Did I mention how much I hate using this laptop.

Well my next doctors appt is tomorrow. So hopefully my next entry will be much more cheery!!!! Thanks for listening to me vent.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy July 4th

I hope everyone had a great July 4th yesterday. We sure did! It was busy but fun. We spent most of the day with our friends Jeff, Andrea, Zack and Ethan. The day started out early as we headed downtown Edmond about 8:00 am for the Parade. The weather was actually nice for the first hour or so. We were sitting close to the end of the parade so it wasn't too crowded. The kids enjoyed playing before the parade started but got bored quickly once it did start. Caden and Ethan thought it was REALLY loud and were holding their ears through most of the first part when the fire trucks went past. Caleb really enjoyed looking at the different cars in the parade. He is a car guy just like his daddy.

After the parade we went home for lunch and to rest up a little before heading to our neighborhood pool. The HOA had pool games for the kids to play and provided hot dogs, chips, watermelon, brownies, lemonaide and other goodies.

Later we went out to Kickingbird Golf course. You have to buy your ticket in advance and they only let in a select number so it wasn't too crowded. They had a decorated mini putting green set up for the kids. They had the driving range open and had a scavenger hunt. They provided hot dogs, chips, drinks and snow cones at VERY reasonable prices. (Yes, this means I got to pig out twice in one day.) After dark we were all sitting in our lawn chairs and/or blankets on the 9th green to watch the fireworks show. Caleb enjoyed it and Caden did too for a while, but she still thought it was too loud. She crawled up in my lap and feel asleep by 10:30. All in all we had a great July 4th!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Pretty Princess

Caden went to a Princess Tea Party (Birthday Party) last weekend. Our next door neighbor Autumn turned 5. Most of the girls dressed up in princess costumes and they looked so cute. They got to wear make up, decorate a jewerly box, make a bracelet and get their pictures taken with Cinderella. Caden had a great time. She loved to twirl in her Cinderella costume. Thanks to my friend Chrissey for letting Caden borrow her daugther's costume.